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Fontana di Trevi

Бистра Стоименова

This pic will start a new series of stories in pictures.

13 years ago I found myself in Rome for the first time. Back then, I was 'armed' with a 12-megapixel compact camera. It's a good one, by the way, I still use it. BUT the weather and fate were totally against me.

For starters, it was the beginning of April, it was a school trip and the 'tour guide' we had was an idiot who had nothing prepared in advance. As a result, we didn't see the Colosseum, the forums or pretty much anything. I am not counting in the Vatican museums, as we queued for 4 hours to get in in the only sunny day we had :(

However, in the day when it was pouring cats and dogs, we roamed the streets of Rome for 6 hours, to supposedly see the sights. Back then Fontana di Trevi (on the pic) was one of the few things I actually liked, but the weather was so awful, the photographer so inexperienced that the end result is cringy (you'll see what I mean in the comments).

Thirteen years later I was in Rome again. Unfortunately, not with a camera in hand. Just a phone. Yep, all pics you are gonna see are taken with a phone.

I was at Fontana di Trevi again. It was supposed to rain again. It didn't. Rome made it up to me.

More stories like that are coming :)
загружено 22 май, 2023   Copyright by Бистра Стоименова




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